“The brain is the most unreliable
organ in your body
but the most impactful one for
making decisions”

I am Varinka

Working in an authoritarian industry, I used to believe that the person
with the most power, the person with the loudest voice, would be the most effective in getting things done.
The result of all this power play?
I was exhausted and unaware of how far away I was from my own kind self.

When learning about Servant Leadership, I realized how much impact my behavior had on others and how it affected their work. I started to build lasting relationships based on mutual respect and personal interest. This light bulb moment led to a highly productive team that felt appreciated and eager to grow. I opened up as their manager, showing my vulnerable side, and 

I knew: this is the most powerful version of myself I can be, and everyone around me is so happy!

I was unstoppable now, 

and for several years, I dug into every book on psychology, neuroscience, and took as many professional courses on human behavior as I could get my hands on.

Working as a coach for several years now, I have a razor-sharp intuition for the needs of my clients. My sessions are to the point and playful. Humor and fun help me to interact in a subtle way, evoking an impactful transformation without us even noticing.

When I needed someone to show me my barriers and limiting beliefs, I benefited from their honesty, kindness, and genuine interest to help me overcome them. Now, my clients appreciate just that during our lively conversations. When I see them delving into their own resources and coming up with a solution, I feel their pride and excitement as if it were my own.