Leadership development

I have several programs on offer for you

Have a quiet stroll through all options and see which feels best for you.

Individual Coaching

I have several programs on offer for you

Have a quiet stroll through all options and see which feels best for you.

For strong leaders who need a re-boot

Have you lost a sense of touch with your team and your leadership style?

Are you an experienced leader and do you feel that strategies that worked very well in the past have become less effective?

Would you like to learn how to influence change at the individual, team and organization level? At the same time focus, change negative habits, make critical choices and bring plans to life? The Oxford Leadership Self-Managing Leadership® (SML) is a solo inner journey when you are in need of some deep inner reflection and a clear outcome.

The Oxford Leadership Self-Managing Leadership® (SML) Program
A hybrid program with online do-it-yourself sessions ánd individual coaching sessions.

Clear ten-step model

90-day action plan developed for you and your needs

1 on 1 sessions for in-depth approach

Identifying your purpose, values and visions

Finding a leadership style that suits you and your team

‘Let’s elicit your greatness’

For curious leaders who want to lead by example

Ever wondered what exactly to improve in your leadership style?

You are a leader who walks the talk. Always in search of how to improve and thrive as a leader and with your team. You want to set an example but you are not completely sure about where to start and how to make transformation more tangible. You are curious about what high-performing leaders entail, and ready to discover what kind of leader you are compared to them.

Assess yourself by using the rigorous 360° Leadership Circle Profile

The Leadership Circle Profile is a very solid model, based on very extensive scientific research, and builds upon your own perception and that of others, this will include all levels, by conducting user-friendly surveys. In this way, you have a visual overview of what you are doing well and where your potential lies.

This program consists of conducting the 360° Leadership Circle Profile assessment, followed by 1 on 1 sessions (remote or in-person).

Intake and set up for the assessment

Debrief outcome 360° Leadership Circle Profile

Follow up 1-on-1 coaching sessions

‘Let’s unfold the true leader in you’

It’s not about you, and it’s all about YOU.

How does it work in general?

Three steps between the old you and the new you

A chemistry session to see if we are a match.

This includes a taster session in which I coach you to make sure you like my style (all together max. 30 mins).

A discovery session where we set goals and mutual expectations. Follow-up coaching sessions.

“Varinka’s enthusiasm and personal approach are contagious. I soon felt eager to dig into my issues on a level I hadn’t imagined, but it felt so easy with her there.”

“She turned my life around in one minute. She immediately got to the core of my problem as if she could read me!”

Are you unsure?

Contact me and we will work it out together

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