Did you know that we make about 35,000 decisions a day? That already starts when you get up.

When your alarm goes off, do you snooze or get up? How long are you going to shower? What clothes do you pick to wear? First, check your smartphone or drink coffee first? What do you have for breakfast? And that goes on all day long.

Often it is all a habit and it is completely automatic. To put it simply, you make decisions all day long. Therefore, you and everyone else are very skilled at making decisions!

But, why is it sometimes so hard at work?

Because we fear to fail and want to do our utmost best, which suddenly makes decision-making too complex. As a result, a laborious, time-consuming decision-making process, indecisiveness, delaying decisions, half-decisions. Recognizable? While everyone is actually very good at making decisions.


Make it smaller because then your brain can process it better and you will come to small decisions earlier, which eventually leads to the final result.

Ask yourself:

What do I want to solve and what should I do first?

And? What is your next decision?


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