Unconsciously, we say more to ourselves than we realize. To what extent are you aware of this? And do you realize the impact of it on you?

Countless thoughts

Because every day we have between 40,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. Since we are all humans and humans are there to be influenced and to influence. That also applies to yourself.


And you are able to influence yourself more than you may be aware of. Have you ever wondered who is responsible for creating those thoughts?

Because your brain, where all those thoughts come from, has a huge influence on you and your behavior. And therefore, also how others see you.

Simple question

I have the privilege of guiding people in difficult or new situations. Often, they come to me with a problem. And to me, every problem is a question that has not yet been answered. What people struggle most with are negative expressions or opinions/beliefs about themselves, which cause them to get stuck. So often I ask this simple question:

‘Who is telling you that?’

Be careful

So we are very good at talking to ourselves and thus influencing our own behavior. So be careful what you are telling yourself before you know it is your only truth and reality.

“I always thought my brain was the greatest organ in my whole body. Until I realized who whispered to me that this was so”

Train your brain

Teach yourself a kind of mantra that you repeat several times a day so that it becomes a habit. In times when you need it, it is a habit and your brain will help you to regain control over a difficult situation. For example: “I can do this,” or “I can handle this,” or “I am enough”.

Because you create your own reality, whereby the language you use has a lot of influence on yourself.

And what about you? Are you willing to take control of your own life? So, what are you telling yourself?


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